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Who are We?

We’re a small team consisting of James himself and support staff that help keeps the show running behind the scenes, making sure that you get the images you need. The team includes people who help with operations, transport as well as a digital marketer and a dedicated team member who helps make arrangements for studio spaces and locations, we also know of many make up artists within the Manchester area that you can use if you so wish.

The person you’ll deal primarily with is James himself, who’s spent years in the digital marketing sector as well as photographer, meaning that he has a keen eye for customer service and treating you right. We have a variety of cameras, set ups and lights to make sure that you get the image that you want. 


James Macwilliam

While we understand if you’re tired of hearing about James, if you’re interested in a little bit more information about him, this is the place to find out more.

James has been practicing photography since he was 8 years old in a back yard with a throwaway film camera. It wasn’t unusual to come across him in his youth with a camera, he doesn’t consider his experience as a photographer begining until he owned his first DSLR at 13. Hailing from Hulme originally, his practice as a fine art photographer and social documentarian centres heavily around working class identities and the spaces they inhabit. He’s also explored topics of illness, disability, and the history of Manchester.

As well as focusing on fine art and social documentarian as a fully trained photographer he has been trained to shoot commercial, products, events family and couple portraiture, architecture and more. As well as this training as a big fan of unusual music, he’s taking photographs of underground bands all across the UK since he was a teenager.

For the past 10 years he’s been providing freelance photography to both small companies and private indivduals across the UK. From shooting an athelete in Mac’s Gym, Oldham to a variety of clothing companies across the UK, such as Family of the Dead.

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